Thank you for your interest to partner with The Space Tester. We are a space and science blog featuring experiences and products that enable readers to live the #SpaceLifestyle and train their own astronaut skills right here on earth! We publish in both English as Dutch.

The Space Tester is available for conveying specific brand messages that are of interest or provide editorial value to our followers.

On this page you can find what sets us apart, which audience we reach and how we can help you realize your promotional goals. We offer several opportunities to work with brands and destinations and can’t wait to get to know you better!


The Space Tester || Discover Outer-World Experiences in Everyday Life


  • We’ve just launched The Space Tester and are currently getting to know our audience better. As soon as we have statistics to share with you, we’ll post it here!


Since 2012, we’ve worked on a variety of destination and product marketing campaigns all around the world that were either organised individually or were part of a bigger collaboration for our travel blog The Travel Tester.

For The Space Tester, we are also available for tailored press trips, (live) social media campaigns, product, service and activity reviews, advertorials and/or giveaways.

The Space Tester is a trusted and professional partner that will deliver creative and high-quality content.

Besides creating written content and photo material, we have been part in several video campaigns for our blog The Travel Tester and over the past years, we have also created several pieces of content for corporate websites, for example for Expedia, Eating London and Viator

Are you looking for text or photos for your own website? We’re more than happy to discuss possibilities with you. 

The Space Tester || Discover Outer-World Experiences in Everyday Life

The main goal with any partnership will be to assist you in promoting and increasing the exposure of your brand within the global space, science, tech and travel community.

To make sure that all the content we provide our readers with stays unique, all partnerships with The Space Tester are customized.

We offer packages with rates that will fit any type of budget, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: Not every partner is a good fit for The Space Tester and we are very specific when it comes to working with brands.

Please refrain from getting in touch or sending press releases if the topic doesn’t relate to: space, astronaut training, moon/mars landscapes on earth, (archaeo)astronomy, space & science centers, space experiences, sci-fi & sci-tech, S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.M. for kids, space home decor & fashion, space gifts and/or sustainability.

We do not accept “guest blogs” from commercial companies.


In addition to advertising, we also like to work together on interviews and publications in print & online on the following themes:

  • Tips on living the space lifestyle on earth
  • How to train your astronaut skills (Physical Well-Being, Mental Well-Being, Social Skills, Cultural Understanding, Adaptability & Planet Care)
  • Where to find Moon/Mars landscapes on earth
  • Space and science centers to visit
  • Where to find the best space experiences on earth
  • Space home decor ideas
  • Space gift ideas
  • etc.


Through our travel blog The Travel Tester, we have gained extensive experience in working with PR agencies, commercial companies and destinations since 2012.

Some of our space-focused collaborations included:


  • #Apollo11 in collaboration with Omniversum The Hague


Contact us to learn more about the collaboration opportunities on The Space Tester.

We have a special contact page where you can see exactly how to reach us for specific proposals so that you get the fastest response from us.

– Nienke Krook

The Space Tester || Discover Outer-World Experiences in Everyday Life